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Since our wedding, we have felt our love buzzing through us even more intensely… We feel very grateful to Oceana for facilitating such beautiful  energy on our day! Her words really resonated with us and allowed us to feel connected, present and in love. Oceanahas a natural, loving way of creating the right space for a meaningful ceremony; our wedding was so much more than we expected. We recommend Oceana for every couple who wishes to feel deeply in love on their wedding day.   Groom: Bobby 37, and bride: Veerle 30


I will always cherish our wedding day as a day that was filled with more love than I have ever experienced in my life and this love flowed not just through Mitch and myself, but through all who were present, and I am eternally grateful to you, Oceana for helping us create this.

Thank you Oceana for  making our day very special. The ceremony was truly gorgeous.  Having our friends blessing our rings with such warm intention, adds to the magic of wearing our rings of love each moment. The way you arranged our vows and your added treasures was glorious.


The ceremony reflected intimacy, beauty, openness, honesty, grace, tenderness, creativity, imagination, entertainment, fun and love. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding ceremony and feel both privileged and blessed to have had Oceana as our celebrant.


  • The wedding of my daughter and Iain was especially very beautiful and very unusual. Oceana created an extremely moving ceremony which touched my heart and moved me to tears. The ceremony brought everyone together in ways I’ve not experienced before. Oceana was definitely the perfect celebrant for my daughter Jenny and Iain.

    • Mother of the bride: Janet

Oceana worked with us to create a beautiful, unique and heart warming occasion. We highly recommend Oceana – a wedding celebrant who truly understands how to create special and personal ‘ceremony’.


 Oceana thank you so much for our beautiful wedding ceremony on Saturday. Thank you Oceana, we are glowing from your hospitality, warmth and the appreciation we have for all your help. Our wedding was a dream....perfect day, perfect man, perfect Everything!! We feel so much appreciation. You were GREAT! 


Veerle & Bobby – St Andrew’s Beach, Mornington Peninsular VIC
Ali and Mitch – Stradbroke Island, QLD
Danielle and Ben- Wategoes Beach Byron Bay
Jen and Iain – Bennelong, NSW
Roanne & Alan
Byron Bay

Sandy and Simon - Byron Bay

Oceana created a unique  wedding with interesting elements  including music, ritual and the engagement of guests in meaningful ways within the ceremony. WE REALLY LOVED OUR WEDDING. Thank you Oceana

Ali and Lee - Bangalow

Oceana guided the ceremony  with grace, love and confidence. Many of our guests were moved to tears due to the unity between us.  I  look back on the ceremony with complete happiness and thankfulness that Oceana was our celebrant. We have been told by many that it was a unique and moving ceremony. W e owe much gratitude to Oceana.

Amanda and Nick - Hastings Point NSW

Hi Oceana

Thank you so much

for everything on our special day.

Lisa and Paul
Byron Bay Lighthouse

Many warm thanks to Oceana  our celebrant who helped us create the perfect buddhist themed renewal ceremony.


Oceana has the most wonderous feeling/vibrations around her she is an absolutely beautiful person, we are so glad we chose her. You couldn’t ask for a lovlier Celebrant for your special occasion. Thanks Oceana!!

Aileen and Peter
The Pass
Byron Bay

Hi Oceana

We both enjoyed our wedding.  The ceremony was  beautiful,  thank you so much!

  • I enjoyed Oceana’s service so much i cannot find fault with it. I loved all the guests being involved in the service; it brought everyone together from the start of the wedding and continued all through the weekend. Oceana brought into the service the love and happiness of being together to celebrate a wedding of loved ones. Oceana’s creation of her wedding warm up including the women’s business was special and also the men’s business, especially the men singing and marching back to the women ….that was awesome. It was so heartwarming….. it touched ones soul. Bringing many happy memories I just have to think of that beautiful day and my heart sings. I think the one word that comes to mind about the wedding service is togetherness.

Agnes, mother of the groom, retired,

Belle and NIck

Tyagarah NSW

Oceana is such an inspired and creative celebrant. We felt supported by her to have the wedding that we desired and the day was magical. Not only did my husband and I feel that it was a beautiful experience, but most of the guests said it was the best wedding they have ever been to!! Oceana, somehow, made everyone at the ceremony feel as though they were just as much a part of it as we were. Thank you Oceana. You helped to capture our love for each other and share it with our closest family and friends.

Tadam and Jake
Ballina NSW

We would like to thank you Oceana for your help, guidance, and words of wisdom and love that made our wedding day something special that we will never forget.

Steve and Tina

The Pass, Byron Bay

Hi Oceana ~ Tina and I just wanted to thank you for a most extraordinary and most memorable wedding ceremony .The wedding guests all commented on how different and special it was and the interaction of all the people at the service made everyone feel as one in a very positive way.  Thank you for a very special day.

Katharina and Wolfgang

Cosy Corner, Tallows Beach, Byron Bay

Hi Oceana - We want to say thank you for creating the wedding of our dreams!! Being thousands of kilometres away from our family and friends you made us feel like home right away. From the very beginning we talked the same language. We really appreciate all your help and the way you created the ceremony for our special day. Thank you guys again for this unforgettable day.


Thank you so much Oceana for planning this wonderful wedding. Thanks for your help, the pictures, the arrangement and your warm and heartfelt way you made us feel welcome from the very beginning. Whenever we think of Australia now we always think of you as well.

Kym and Nik
Rosebank, NSW
Gaby and Joel
Broken Head Beach
Byron Bay
Sunrise Wedding

Oceana tailored our wedding with such professionalism and attentiveness. She conducted a ceremony that warmed both the spirit and the heart, holding space and fostering an atmosphere which carried presence, grace and spirituality. Thank you Oceana  Joel


Oceana helped us create a wedding to suit our values perfectly. She was so open, caring and communicative. We highly recommend Oceana for her attention to detail and ability to lead a heart-felt ceremony you will never forget. Thank you! Gaby

Emma and Chris


Hi Oceana, thank you so much for Saturday. Our ceremony was beautiful.

True Love is Ageless

Pat and Mervyn

Brunswick Heads NSW

Soul mates Pat Argles, 68 and Mervyn Timbs, 81 have been together for 21 years.  Around Christmas time Mervyn asked Pat to marry him and gave her an engagement ring.  On Saturday, in their backyard in Brunswick Heads their long awaited marriage was conducted by wedding celebrant Oceana. Mervyn is unwell and mostly in a wheel chair these days.  Patricia was so excited and honoured to be his wife. When she first contacted Oceana they were planning to elope…however word got out to the family who were thrilled and many were there, flower girls were in abundance. 

.This was a beautiful deeply touching wedding ceremony were words of love and vows were exchanged. The reason that Mervyn finally wanted to get married because “I am getting too old not to” with Pat sharing “I am proud to be Merv’s wife.  He has always been there for me. Mervyn is my rock and we have done everything together. We have been through rough times and tremendous times.  We have enjoyed a lot of travelling together.  Now we are putting Merv’s health first.”  After two decades of being together, this was a magical moment for Pat and Mervyn and heart opening for all who were there….yes true love is ageless.

Petrina and Ajay
Cabarita Beach, NSW
Full moon wedding

Oceana made our wedding experience truly the happiest day of our lives!  She helped us create a beautiful, unique ceremony guiding us patiently through the daunting process and suggesting relevant ways for us to express our love to each other.  The fact that we were in another state did not affect the process at all. Her calmness and positivity ensured all went smoothly on the day.  We couldn't have asked for a more special day and can't thank Oceana enough for all her efforts

Jess and Luke

Cabarita Beach, NSW

Thank you for all your beautiful words Oceana.  We had such a lovely wedding day and you made it even more special. Thanks again for all your help

Catherine and Simon

Tumbulgum, NSW

Thank you so much for the magic that you created on Saturday. With only one opportunity to really feel the significance of what we were undertaking in getting married, this was achieved so perfectly. Thanks so much

Nicoclette and Ryan

The Pass Byron Bay

Thank you Oceana for being the amazing heart that held the space for such an amazing moment in our lives.....truly unforgettable. May you always be blessed with love, joy and light in your life as you truly deserve it

Rowena and David
Belongil Beach
Byron Bay

"Last Saturday I photographed my longest-lasting ceremony, at one hour and thirty-one minutes of joy!

Wedding celebrant Oceana crafted a heart-felt, inclusive ceremony on beautiful, sunny Belongil beach for David and Rowena. Here guests joined in a warm up circle, sharing feelings and memories about this gorgeous couple, bringing everyone together into a shared heart space before the ceremony began. The men honoring the groom and the woman honouring the bride.


Then as the waves danced along the shore, these two beautiful souls spoke words of love and commitment to each other and also to the new family they were creating. There was the holding of hands, hearts connecting, blessings on rings, stone stupas and the Velveteen Rabbit even made an appearance.


This sentimental softie of a photographer struggled quite a few times to stay in control of the tears as I photographed one of the most sincere, from-the-heart ceremonies I have ever beheld.


I love their bravery in having a ceremony that left the well-trodden path of "this is the way it is supposed to be done". I love that they sprinkled symbols and sentiment the whole way through. I love that all the guests spoke blessings during the ceremony. I love that to finish proceedings, guests formed a tunnel of love, which Rowena and David walked through and came out at the other end as soul mates, kindred spirits, best friends and now husband and wife! It was amazing!


I will stop gushing are a few photos from their day...” Natsky (photographer)

Rochelle and

Tyler Tolman

Fern Beach NSW

Hi Oceana, our wedding was lovely thank you! A HUGE thank you for making our day so special!  Oceana you helped us to make our day stress free and all about us! It was so special and sacred. It was so rewarding the way you guided us with what we needed to do and organized us!! Thank you Oceana x We will certainly recommend your services, we have such happy memories of our wedding

Pamela and Robin

Fern Beach NSW

Oceana created a deeply meaningful ceremony for us. It was very special to be able to co-create it with her, so that we could draw on her wisdom and experience, while also bringing our own ideas forward.


She cares about who we are as a couple, and incorporated this personal touch into the ceremony in beautiful ways. One of the biggest gifts that she brings is her presence on the day. She gives of herself wholeheartedly, and provides a space for us to feel held. This takes out all of the stress, which allowed us to focus on what was important - each other and our union.

Pete and Raina

Ocean Shores Lookout


Hi Oceana, We were happy as to have you as our celebrant. Thanks with Love,

Samantha and Ross

Myocum NSW

Hello Oceana, We loved our special day with you! Thank you for the most beautiful, romantic, spiritual and very happy wedding ceremony. With our love & thoughts

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Authorised Marriage Celebrant: Byron Bay

Oceana Valentine


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