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Would you like your guest to feel like they are part of the wedding?
Bringing everyone into a heart space so that all the wedding guests will be totally focussed on the couple and the celebration of love that is about to take place.

All the planning and preparation (that may have been going on for a year), …and the moment has arrived.

A wedding warm up is uniquely designed to bring the wedding guests into their hearts and into the present moment.

Authorised Marriage Celebrant: Byron Bay

Oceana Valentine


Why have a wedding warmup?

What is a wedding warm-up

Frequently when your wedding guests have travelled to your wedding from inter-state [or even overseas] it can be stressful for guests,  They have to find where a wedding ceremony is being held, park the car, and be at the right time at the location. When they arrive, most people know only a few at the wedding and stick pretty close to them. They may still be preoccupied and not be fully present for the ceremony.  The wedding warm-up is the time they can  focus attention on the couple and the ceremony.. 

Quite often many people coming to a wedding don't kow each other.  Oceana's wedding arm up is a unique way of gently uniting all your family and frriends into a soft precious, warm and totally present state

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Often weddings bring together people who don’t know each other. A wedding warm is a way of bringing all your guests together in a heart space prior to the ceremony

What happens in a wedding warm-up

Oceana will lead your guests  with heart opening processes.  During this time guests are invited and encouraged to mix around with people they don’t know.


Then your guests move into separate men’s & women’s circles for beautiful honouring of the bride and the groom.


These circles culminate, in a ritual way, with the wedding ceremony.


Everyone is ready with open hearts for a deeply moving wedding ceremony.


Totally unforgettable!

“I enjoyed Oceana’s service so much i cannot find fault with it.  I loved all the guests being involved in the service; it brought everyone together from the start of the wedding and continued all through the weekend. Oceana brought into the service the love and happiness of being together to celebrate a wedding of loved ones.  Oceana’s creation of her wedding warm up including the women’s business was special and also the men’s business, especially the men singing and marching back to the women ….that was awesome. It was so heartwarming….. it touched ones soul. Bringing many happy memories I just have to think of that beautiful day and my heart sings. I think the one word that comes to mind about the wedding service is togetherness”- Agnes, mother of the groom, retired, 63

What they say

Wedding Warm-up

“I found my son and daughter-in-law's wedding to be very unique and extremely well facilitated and put together. I had never experienced anything ever like it and found it very touching and emotional to be a part of. I liked how Oceana involved all the guests with a wedding warm up, making me feel a major part and involved. The whole thing was very different and very well done. What I especially found incredibly heartfelt was the blessing of the rings and the men’s group. I'll never forget how I felt and what I saw, especially during these particular parts of the ceremony.”
-Father of the Groom: Fred, 64 yrs

“Jen & Iain, we would just like to let you know your wedding was the best we have ever been to, it was so much from the heart, and it had so much meaning. It was all about what a real marriage is. The ceremony was a beautiful ritual there was so much love & care. All credit & special thanks to Oceana for getting all the guests involved and participating in her wedding warm up. This allowed us to be part and share this very special day. We have beautiful memories and feel truly blessed to have been there. I would recommend Oceana to anyone wanting a celebrant. “
-Bridesmaid Yvette,

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