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Roanne’s beautiful wedding dress for her
Byron Bay wedding
Aileen’s gorgeous wedding dress for her
Byron Bay wedding

My Dress…I had no idea what I was looking for really but I explained to the lady in the shop that I was getting married on the beach and wanted something simple and flowing. She said she had a few dresses in mind but one in particular that she wanted me to try on. It was the only shop we went into and pretty much the first dress I tried on!


Myself, my mum and mother in law all agreed that the dress was just waiting for me (it was the only one and in my size). It was perfect! The silver beading looked almost celtic in design which fits in with my Irish background and was also a big part of our wedding. I truly loved wearing my dress, I felt so relaxed and comfortable and beautiful at the same time. My husband loved it too (though he might have been a little biased). He and many of our guests thought I had it made or sent over from Ireland! love Aileen.

“My dress was created by Cyan Reign a beautiful soul and designer extraordinaire Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, she saved the day as I found myself without a dress one week prior to our wedding day. Cyan listened to my ideas and thoughts then designed and created my dress within 4 days, working nonstop.


My dress surpassed my expectations and I felt so feminine, like a beautiful princess.


it was a dream….perfect day, perfect man, perfect Everything!!” – Roanne. 


Thank you Oceana, it is such an honour to describe my wedding dress !


I wanted my dress to be flowing, light and comfortable and had a design in mind that  matched that, so I found a local dressmaker to make the dress. However,  I found it hard to be assertive in communicating exactly what I wanted, and therefore the dress turned out very differently from what I had in mind… I felt horrible when I picked it up and saw how stiff it was.


The beaded butterfly design I had picked out for the bodice was too big and did not even   look like a butterfly to me. Luckily, one of my girlfriends was willing to spend 7 hours straight during a sweltering 43 degree summer day with me, cutting and sewing the dress and beading to make it right. It was a scary undertaking, but at the same time the dress really became my own because I fixed it myself with the help, love and patience of one of my best friends.


On our wedding day I felt light and flowing in my dress, exactly how I wanted to feel, and I felt like the loving support from my friend was woven into the dress itself.       With lots of love    Veerle

Ali’s beautiful wedding dress for her
Stradbroke Island wedding
Veerle’s flowing wedding dress

Wedding Dresses

White wedding dresses worn historically as a token of the bride’s purity and innocence, are a comparatively modern display.  Originally almost any colour dress was suitable, even black if the bridegroom was a widower. In early Celtic cultures, red was the bridal colour of choice, worn to invoke fertility; early Christians preferred blue, which was symbolic of truth and purity. Right up until the late 19th century, most ordinary women were married in their ‘Sunday best’, which, adapted if necessary, could be worn again. Grey was much favoured as both modest and useful, and brown was not uncommon; white was usually just too impractical.

The white wedding dress as we recognise it today, is a tradition started in 1840 by Queen Victoria, who wore white to her own wedding to Albert of Saxe-Coburg. However white wedding dresses were worn by royalty and the wealthy long before then: Henry IV of England’s daughter, Princess Philippa, is reported to have worn a tunic and mantle of white satin, at her marriage to Eric of Pomerania in 1406; Anne of Brittany, wore white at her third marriage in 1499 to Louis XII of France; while in 1572, Margaret of Valois is said to have married Henry of Navarre in a dress trimmed with white ermine, topped with a blue coat with a 1.5m (5ft) train. Mary, Queen of Scots wore white for her wedding with the Dauphin of France in 1558


Tips when choosing your wedding dress

  1.  It is important for brides to stay relaxed and have fun while they devote themselves to finding their special look for their dream wedding ceremony.

  2.  Focus on your personal style and what flatters you most.

  3.  Start looking around early.  Especially early each morning when you [and shop attendants] are feeling fresh and energetic

  4. Take your camera when you go shopping and take a few snaps of dresses you try on to help with the decision process

  5.  Try on LOTS of dresses.

Your beach wedding dress

It is romantic to exchange your wedding vows on a beautiful sandy beach with the sound of the ocean as your wedding soundtrack. However, there are certain practical considerations to a beach wedding, and finding the perfect beach wedding dress will probably be one of your top priorities.


Tip 1: Consider a shorter length

The idea of your bridal train flowing along the sand may sound idyllic, but in reality it may be frustrating. Getting sand trapped in your dress could easily damage it and make it look grubby on the photos. Shorter styles for a wedding dress will still give a bridal appearance without the dress dragging in the sand.


Tip 2: Choose a breathable fabric

If you are having a beach wedding, you are probably expecting hot weather and plenty of sunshine, so make sure the fabric of your wedding gown won’t make you swelter. Light and floaty fabrics that work well for a beach wedding dress are chiffon and charmeuse so look out for dresses that feature these materials.


Tip 3: Consider a more casual style

Beach weddings have a tendency to have a much less formal look and feel than indoor weddings, so a very structured, formal bridal gown with a full skirt and bodice may look out of place. Consider a dress that flows over the lines of the body giving a soft and smooth silhouette, perhaps complimented by loose curling hair and fresh flowers.


Tip 4: Think about packing

Do you have to pack and travel with your wedding dress? Will this be in a plane? If this is the case, choose a dress that is easy to pack and carry onto a plane [as hand luggage] as this will save you a lot of anxiety and will reduce the risk of your dress being lost or damaged by the airlines. [What a thought!!]


Tip 5: Not the best time for stilettos

Bridal gowns can look very different on a bride wearing flat shoes compared to wearing towering stilettos, and many brides rely on high heels to make their dress work. However, a beach wedding dress needs to look good in bare feet, as high heels and sand don’t really work well together. You can always go barefoot at the ceremony and save your shoes for the photos and your reception!


Tip 6: Consider a strappy style

Although strapless bridal gowns are eternally fashionable, they often incorporate a lot of fabric and support which can be hot and uncomfortable for a beach wedding. If you are looking for an elegant yet simple style, nothing beats white spaghetti straps against tanned shoulders


Tip 7: Arrange yourself for a breeze

There is always the chance of a strong breeze if you are getting married at the beach, so try to limit any loose accessories on your wedding outfit that might blow around.

Oceana's brides dresses

Take inspiration from these gorgeous wedding dresses and some quite unique bridal gowns.  Read what these brides have written about finding their dream wedding dress. I hope you enjoy looking at this collection of designs from Oceana’s wedding ceremonies in Byron Bay. These wedding dresses include the whole spectrum from romantic, sophisticated, dramatic, and also modern designs. Hopefully there is something here to inspire every bride.

Sandy’s romantic wedding dress

I love my wedding dress, it is beautiful, romantic and unique.  Anne Leone (Byron fabric artist) brought my vision to life by printing roses on the fabric and graduating the pink hues from deep to light, then hand painting stems and leaves in between. Simon had simple matching rose printed on his shirt.


–  Sandy

Samatha’s stunning & unique wedding dress for her Byron Bay wedding

I choose my wedding dress as a unique one off design and loved the feel & natural colour of my dress. I brought it from Island Lux in Bangalow where Helen, John & Sam have a superb collection of clothing from around the world. Oceana, we loved our special day with you !


- Samantha

When planning our wedding I was unsure what to do about my dress, I knew I would be 5 months pregnant at the ceremony but I didn’t know what would fit me or suit me then and I only had a couple of months to find one. Rather than go to a million bridal shops my friend suggested MXM couture and as soon as I met the dressmaking MXM twin sisters I knew that I was in very safe and magical hands.

The sisters created a perfectly unique, feminine, floaty, sea inspired, fairytale wedding dress for me that was so comfortable and light I felt I was wearing air, I could dance and skip and twirl and enjoy the beautiful wedding ceremony that Oceana held for us and the joyful celebration afterward. The sisters even made a delicate shawl for me with vintage silk flowers and french lace. I still look at my wedding dress with awe, I truly cherish the love and detail that has gone into it, it is something I will always treasure.

Love Ali

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