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Top Wedding Ideas

Authorised Marriage Celebrant: Byron Bay

Oceana Valentine

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I want to help create an unforgettable day to celebrate your love.

Make sure you have clear instrutions to location

I am amazed that at almost every wedding ceremony I perform; some guests arrive after the ceremony! They are lost. What a disappointment for them and the couple. Many of your guests will have travelled to beautiful Byron Bay and simply are not familiar with the place. A clear map included with the invitation is very important. And also I recommend that you email the directions and time a week prior to the wedding

Look into your partner’s eyes

Look into your partner’s eyes throughout your wedding ceremony, totally focus on each other! Your marriage is such a precious & magical moment between the two of you. Simply relax and be totally present with each other – everything is being taken care of.

Save the drinks for after the ceremony

It is lovely and traditional to toast the bride and groom with champagne after the wedding vows have been exchanged. I highly recommend that you both keep your energy for your wedding ceremony clear, focused and alcohol free.

Gathering guest photos

Assign someone you trust to download as many photos as possible before your guests leave the party. One of the great thing about weddings today is that almost everyone brings a digital camera. And although you may hire a professional photographer, you will still like copies of the photos your guests have taken.
The best way to expedite this process is to brief someone who is a trusted friend to be your photo catcher. Their job is to download as many memory sticks as possible onto a designated laptop before your guests leave. If they catch people right then and there you have a much better chance of getting all the images you'd like and without the hassle of chasing them down later.

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