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Same Sex Weddings

 Oceana offers Same Sex Commitment ceremonies

Celebrate your love!


Oceana embraces the freedom for everyone to marry. It is time to end marriage discrimination and Oceana is delighted that Same Sex Wedding ceremonies are particularly welcome in Byron Bay.


All loving and committed couples ought to have the same options for marriage and in Byron Bay this is going to be celebrated. The Byron Shire council voted to declare itself a supporter of marriage equality at their council meeting in March 2013 with the council proposing that Byron Shire certificates of same sex marriage will become available and Oceana is excited to say that the certificate and a registar is now available to same sex couples.


The Mayor of Byron Simon Richardson said “While it may be symbolic, we have the opportunity to lead within Australia and it’s time to take a stance.  I am delighted to support same-sex couples in creating a public affirmation of their love and commitment to each other."

Something very precious and soulful happens with these deeply moving ceremonies of the love shared by two hearts in a public proclamation.  Oceana is honoured to assist you to create a commitment ceremony that celebrates your loving bond as something that is unique to you.


Creating a ritual to bless and honour your deep and lasting relationship.  These commitment ceremonies publicly nurture, strengthen and support couples.  Lots of same-sex couples desire to marry. They wish for this for similar reasons as their opposite-sex counterparts – to openly declare and rejoice their love, devotion and commitment, to protect and look after their children, to guarantee lawful and social acknowledgment and for an entire multitude of additional reasons. These couples would to a great extent benefit from being able to realise their choice to get married, a powerfully individual option that is extensively recognised, at least for heterosexual couples, as a fundamental human right.


In the future, same-sex couples in Australia will have the legal right to marry. That is inevitable. As with every major human rights advance: eg allowing women to vote, upcoming generations will look back and question how anyone could have opposed such a fundamental human right.

Oceana looks forward to the day, hopefully in the not too distant future, when parliament gives the long awaited approval granting the opportunity for same sex couples, to have access to equal marriage and legal rights as heterosexual couples enjoy today.  In the mean time Oceana is delighted to be offering same sex commitment ceremonies Oceana is proud that Byron Bay will be leading the way with same sex wedding ceremonies.

 What they say

Saturday was such a truly magical day for us and for everyone who was part of the day. We have received amazing comments from everyone.  Oceana, you were awesome. You gave us such a meaningful ceremony that brought most to tears and we will never forget. Thank you Oceana.
Anne and Julie



There is so much I could say about what you offer to gay guys who are interested.
Thanks again Oceana for creating the space that enables people to come together with open hearts. The work that you do really is the most beautiful thing. I wish we could inspire everybody, because it would change the world.  If one has or wants an open heart and an open mind, then it makes no difference whether one is gay or straight. The whole point is love. I have never been in a more loving, accepting space. I am a happier, more loving and more conscious gay man because I been in the sacred space created by you Oceana. Thank you !
- Stuart, , Sydney



Oceana was always very sensitive to and respectful of me being identified as a lesbian in her workshops which were mainly designed for straight people. Without making a fuss she made me and all other lesbians and gays quite welcome and adjusted her teaching to include us. Oceana has been a marriage celebrant for many years and people who have given her the joyful task of marrying them were invariably very pleased with the caring way in which she directed their wedding ceremony.  I have known Oceana  for around twenty years and I highly recommend Oceana as a sensitive and caring person who is well versed in leading ceremonies whatever their specific requirements are.
Dede, Teacher & Workshop facilitator

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