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Why choose Oceana?

Oceana gently guided us through a beautifully phrased ceremony, the celebration of a life.  There was time to listen, to remember, to reflect, and to say goodbye. I left feeling uplifted, grateful to have gained a fuller appreciation of the beautiful qualities that Jann possessed, and shared throughout his lifetime. I heard quite a few people comment afterwards: ‘I want a send-off just like that when I go”. - Jude


 I have just been to a funeral organised and conducted by Oceana. I was deeply moved by her ability to connect with each and every one of us in attendance. She spoke to the heart and helped us all to see the beauty and importance death is in a conscious life fully lived. I left with a warm smile and a deeper acceptance of the dance of life. - David, Skipper


I recently attended a funeral where Oceana was the celebrant.  What touched me deeply was her sensitivity to this very special ‘death celebration’. Her calm centeredness….attention to detail with family & friends…and loving respect for the deceased made it even more special.  Oceana has a gift to share in making whatever celebration is close to your heart a memory that will stay with you forever. Satisha, 52, Designer


Oceana lead a wonderful ceremony for our beloved friend who had suddenly passed away. There were many people in the building, some reading messages from all over the globe.  The room was filled with love, light, and sadness. Overwhelming eulogies were read so beautifully. Great care was taken by Oceana who professionally guided the whole congregation with absolute softness and expertise. - Radha, Musician.


Oceana presided at the funeral celebration of my friend Jann last week and I am quite impressed with her poise and talent and the way she held her position of responsibility.  The planning was poignant and exquisite.  There were over one hundred and fifty mourners/celebrants many of whom were given a voice with microphone and Oceana’s comfortable and energetic presence and, also, the space in which to voice their feelings accompanied by an array of musical talent including guitar, saxophone and singers. The celebration was a very organized and sentimental experience and much allowance was made for the attendees to grieve and purge.  Especially notable were the thousands of flower petals and the coffin procession. - Andrew, Optometrist


When my partner Gyan passed away, I was looking for an alternative to a traditional funeral. Among the different celebrants, I found that Oceana had a connection to the alternative lifestyle background that Gyan had identified with.
For the celebration of life, Oceana shared in the organisation, and provided a space in which friends and family members could remember Gyan’s unique qualities, and read out some of her writings.  She was sympathetic, and created a special event that we will remember for a long time. I would recommend her to anyone else looking to hold a ceremony of their own. – Martin, partner.

Oceana played a very important role in farewelling our father and friend at the Celebration of Life we held for him in November 2009.  As the celebrant, Oceana was an invaluable asset to our family at a very difficult time, helping to organise and present a colourful and unique service that captured our father’s character perfectly.She was personable and approached things in a gentle and kind way, just as if she were an old friend. The ideas she gave us about how to best farewell our Dad created a memory of him that will be forever planted in our minds and hearts. We would highly recommend Oceana to anyone who may consider her services in the future. – Hozanna, Chris and Eva

A conscious funeral is a true Celebration of Life

A beautiful way to say goodbye

In her professional, gentle and inspiring way Oceana will create a heart-felt celebration of life for your loved one that will inter-weaving grief, sadness, joy, love & gratitude. Oceana inspires everyone to embrace death as a natural part of their lives.

What does Oceana do?

Oceana will meet with you.  She will be also available by phone, email and skype. Oceana will gently empower loved ones to create a meaningful conscious funeral. She will smoothly and quietly co-create a personal, unique, spiritual & joyful celebration of life.Listening to what you would like to be expressed, in the way that honours your loved one.A very significant aspect, is that Oceana’s conscious and meaningful ceremonies, begin the crucial healing journey  for family and friends.

What does Oceana help you create?

Oceana will generate a personal, unique, spiritual & joyful celebration of life.  Oceana will provide your funeral with sentiment that stems from the heart.

What they say

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