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Tantra Tips

Oceana has an amazing depth of knowledge, expertise and experience with Tantra

 Make time for love making

Give love making a priority in your life. Make a date to make love!

“It’s ironic that making love is such a pleasurable experience but we fill our life with other things so we don’t have time to enjoy it.” ~ Oceana

       Create a sacred space in which to make love in

De-clutter your room –  and transform your bedroom into a romantic hideaway.

Set up an altar in the corner perhaps with candles, shells and crystals.

Have you ever asked yourself questions like these:

Incorporate soul gazing into your love making

Evoke all the 5 senses

Look deeply into your partner’s eyes.

Start slowly with soul gazing for a minute as this can be quite intense.  Gradually build up to 5 minutes.

Candles and oil burners will create soft lighting and set the mood.

 Evoke all the senses - sight, touch, sound, smell and taste

Make sure you can see your partner by using soft lighting or candles

Incorporate lots of gentle touch

Play beautiful music and let it flow with your feelings and open your hearts

Have some incense burning or oil burners with your favorite essential oil fragrance

Include lots of kissing - fresh breath is essential !

What does Oceana do?

Fall in love all over again

Connect in the Mind, Body & Spirit with your partner

  • How do I go from “western sex” to the sacredness of Tantric lovemaking?

  • Have you ever wondered “is this all there is to sex”?

  • How can I have better sex?

 Reflect on Oceana's ideas

& see what you may like to bring into your life

Savour the blissful moments together

Oceana has presented Tantra retreats and getaways for over two decades in USA, NZ and extensively over Australia.


Thousands of people have benefited from her  retreats and consultations.

Oceana’s top tantra tips

                  Have fun

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