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With Oceana

The empowerment of the individual brings about the ability to deeply connect to another.

Facing blocks that stand in the way of expressing yourself brings balance into your life  and opens up the potential for deeper connections with others. 

Oceana has an amazing depth of knowledge, expertise and experience with Tantra

Heart to heart connection

Communication is the key

Clear communication is the bedrock  for a healthy relationship

Clear communication is the bedrock  for a healthy sex life !

Resolve your issues

  • Are you experiencing problems in your relationship?

  • Do you feel disconnected from your partner?

  • Is there something missing in you sex life?

  • Is your sex life in a rut?

  • Is sex boring, routine, not working or non existent?

  • Are you avoiding sex?

  • Are there unspoken sexual issues?

  • Are you experiencing problems with orgasms

Wholistic Approach

Why might you want a private consultation with Oceana?

What they say about Consultations with Oceana:

*Can Tantra spark up my relationship ?

* I’m single – How do I attract a partner?

* Do you desire to have more intimacy with your partner

* Low libido

* Closing down sexually

* Performance anxiety

* To discover Transformational  Tantra as a path of personal growth

* To learn to bring in your own awareness through all relationship challenges

* To enhance your spiritual journey

From her depth of wisdom ~

Oceana will help you  have a  meaningful relationship.

Thank you for the incredible empowerment you have given me. I have never felt more balanced in my life than I do at this moment. Your love, honour and knowledge have been a shining example of the kind of life I wish to lead.

- Kim

Oceana’s incredible warmth, sensitivity, love, understanding, gentle encouragement and cajoling helped me through fear and reluctance to know myself as a woman. A life changing experience into joy and to the discovery that I really can ask for and have what I want in my life.

– Eve

Hi sweet Oceana,

Had the most wonderful, relaxing 24 hrs of quiet snuggling & touching, chatting & smiling with my partner over the weekend…something I would not have been able to enjoy & “feel into” so easily before having met & worked with you these past few weeks.

I love that your beautiful nurturing guidance & encouragement allows me to trust and try out everything you suggest, and it seems whenever I do, I experience immediate benefits in so many aspects of my life & relationships.

Oceana, you have a rare, personal integrity that shines bright and I am so grateful to be in your orbit!    Love, S.   Drama teacher

After 30 years of marriage, and with children now independent, we were ready for some more “us” time. Our relationship was ready for an overhaul, and our private consultation with Oceana was a key part of the process. She gave us some useful practical suggestions on how to bring new depth to our relationship and our intimacy, and the results have been profound.

– Peter, 50 Lawyer

I consulted Oceana at a pivotal time of change in my life, whilst single and wanting to attract and create a soulful, sacred relationship. The sensitive insightful guidance I received during our consultation proved invaluable when navigating through the journey of manifesting my heart’s desire in this regard. As a consequence, I am currently experiencing an extraordinary depth of connection with my new partner that is truly sublime. I would highly recommend a consultation with Oceana for anyone desiring to explore, or deepen their connection with the Divine through conscious relating. Thank you Oceana, Thank you, Thank you.

-Jenny, 40, Yoga Teacher & Carer

What does Oceana do?

Fall in love all over again

Connect in the Mind, Body & Spirit with your partner

Savour the blissful moments together

Oceana has presented Tantra retreats and getaways for over two decades in USA, NZ and extensively over Australia.


Thousands of people have benefited from her  retreats and consultations.

Oceana offer’s a wholistic healthy approach to Relationships.  

Guiding & counseling  individuals into their integrity -

allows  them to experience their  deepest potential to  connect.

For individuals & couples

Sessions can be in person or via phone or skype
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