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Tantra Heart Retreats

With Oceana

The focus of these 2 days is on deepening your heart connection, uniting and rekindling the passion between you. It is about discovering the sacredness within sexuality.

This may include discussions about what Tantra is and how to bring Tantric love making & Sacred Sexuality into your life, answering questions, leading the couple through various beautiful heart opening processes and giving couples some lovely Tantric homeplay assignments.

This retreat gives couples the opportunity to create a passionate lifelong love affair, offering many ways to keep the passionate spark alive and nurtures couples to gently Fall In Love Again!

Oceana has an amazing depth of knowledge, expertise and experience with Tantra

Romantic Couples Tantra Heart Retreat – Ancient Tantric practices for modern lovers

Tantric Essence – the Heart of Tantric massage

Spend 2 glorious days experiencing many different Tantric massages. Giving, learning & receiving with your beloved. What could be better! Learn how to massage your partner in a private & exclusive 2 day massage course for couples.

Oceana leads you both through a variety of healing, nurturing & nourishing tantric massages. The healing power of touch, what we are longing for. This is a certificate course. You exchange massages with your partner – it is safe, gentle, fun, relaxing & rejuvenating.

A blissful way to re-connect with your partner and learn about Sacred Sexuality

Savor these two days to rejuvenate, relax & rekindle the passion

These two precious days of Tantric bliss are about hearts connecting melting, merging – gently in an exquisite and ecstatic way.

During these 2 days couples:
+ will feel the energy flowing heart to heart
+ be given exquisite sacred sexuality processes to enjoy in the privacy of their own rooms
+ experience a profound feeling of connection
+ will laugh and have fun – as they relax and enjoy being together.
+ will tenderly fall in love again

This is a great gift for your relationship!

Exquisite Tantra Retreats

It’s a personal program

What they say about Tantra Retreats with Oceana:

The format is 2 days the times 10 am -3 pm both days.

Both these retreats are inspiring, enjoyable and rejuvenating.

Exclusive private retreats usually take place at the couples accommodation.

Oceana’s exclusive personal program was born out of a special request from a couple who were coming to Byron Bay from Perth wanting a private tantra workshop.

With her gentle and caring expertise she takes couples on a delicate journey into their hearts to re-connect, remember and deepen the love they have for each other.

Realise that Tantric Sacred Sexuality is our essential sexual nature – learn ways to bring spirituality into your bedroom!

Discover ways to enter the present moment and enjoy the ecstasy of an unhurried loving approach to sexuality.

It is an opportunity for greater depth, a remembering of love, a way to increase closeness and a precious occasion to take the time to nurture each other.

This is the chance for rejuvenation and a deep state of relaxation which so beautifully sets the stage for opening of your hearts.

Thank you Oceana, for our private 2 day workshop with you. For the first time in my life I am ready to be loved and allow the love available to me in. This is a gift like no other. I finally get what being loved feels like and its nice, really nice. Now we are home we are connecting more, I look forward to spending time with Jamie and I feel the magic of love has returned. I feel lovely warmth when I think of you and your unique and very real energy.

– Amie, 31, Arts worker and Jamie, 37, Engineer

Oceana – I honour the teacher in you, for every challenge, for your directness, for your willingness to go the second mile – all the tips, books and homeplay, for your genuine caring and gentle spirit, and for showing me what a feminine/powerful woman looks like.

– Patricia, Victoria

What does Oceana do?

Fall in love all over again

Connect in the Mind, Body & Spirit with your partner

Savour the blissful moments together

Oceana has presented Tantra retreats and getaways for over two decades in USA, NZ and extensively over Australia.

Thousands of people have benefited

from her  retreats and consultations.

Private Couples 2 day Tantra Heart Retreats !

Romantic Couples Tantra Heart Retreat – Fall in Love Again !

Tantra Essence – The Heart of Tantric Massage

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