With Oceana

Oceana has an amazing depth of knowledge, expertise and experience with Tantra

What I offer

What is this journey into tantra all about?

Some of the qualities that may be longed for in our relationship with our partner are:

  • intimacy

  • physical affection

  • clear communication

  • pleasurable & passionate lovemaking

  • emotional closeness

  • warmth

  • kindness

Unfortunately these things can be too easily lost in our day to day survival of kids, work, bills, deadlines, schedules and so on.

Couples need quality time together

To become life-long companions with your partner – to keep the relationship alive and healthy – you need quality time together, and this is what Romantic Couples Tantra Heart Retreat & Tantra Essence Retreat offer.

Romantic Tantra Heart Retreats

Reconnect us as adults

with the enchantment of the soul

the magic of innocence

& the fun of childhood

Safe environment

What they say about Tantra with Oceana

These workshops and consultations offer a safe environment to explore what you’ve been longing for.

  • Realise that Tantric Sacred Sexuality is our essential sexual nature

  • Learn ways to bring spirituality into your bedroom

  • Discover ways to enter the present moment and enjoy the ecstasy of an unhurried loving approach to sexuality

  • Strengthen your relationship and enhance your sexuality

Thank you for sharing your sacred wisdom with us. It has opened up a whole new world of spiritual love for us, both inside and out. We very much enjoy your ‘Homeplay’ exercises and the specializes of honouring each other. We honour your teachings and send you hugs and blessings for your healing.

– John & Lauretta, Sydney

I only wish that this type of workshop had been available many, many years ago. The amount of knowledge, skills and tools and expertise that was passed on was just wonderful. Not only that – the love and caring of it all, the way it was put together, and the amount of knowledge and help one gained was outstanding. You are a very special person to give and care so much. Thank you.

– Kaey, 54, Sydney

I am so pleased that my life included this consultation, even though I discovered Tantra later in life. Oh, if I only had these tools to work with all my life, from a new bride onwards, how different it could all have been.

– Nola, 61

What does Oceana do?

Oceana has presented Tantra retreats and getaways for over two decades in USA, NZ and extensively over Australia.


Thousands of people have benefited from her  retreats and consultations.