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It is such a joy to have a wedding in Byron Bay, for this is a place of the heart.

Getting married in Byron Bay?

Oceana knows the area intimately and adores the beautiful weather and relaxed unique lifestyle here. What better place to have a wedding!

If you wish to travel to Byron Bay for your wedding, as many couples do, Oceana is committed to assisting you in every possible way.”

Byron Bay is a romantic and special location for weddings

Accommodation in Byron Bay

Byron Bay has gorgeous beaches and a fabulous climate. Byron Bay is a place where the rain forest meets the ocean. Dolphins and whales swim in the warm waters here. However it is much more than that. Byron Bay has a unique flavour of its own. There is a creative freedom in Byron Bay that is liberating from the confines of the ordinary that allows the extra-ordinary to take place.


Byron Bay is the place where many people embrace the sacred, ancient, beautiful, rich and indeed all significant aspects of their lives and Oceana as your wedding celebrant, will skilfully weave this all into a personal and intimate ceremony.

Walking down the aisle, perhaps this will be on the beach or in a rainforest location, Oceana’s mission is to embrace all that the couple desire and dream about for their special day of days.

  • Oceana has lived in Byron Bay for over 20 years

  • She has loads of local knowledge about the area and is happy to help you design your special Byron Bay wedding.

  • Oceana can help you with how to book the beaches for your wedding, finding a local photographer, local caters and venues.

  • Oceana has assisted many interstate and overseas couples with their Byron Bay Wedding.

  • Oceana will communicate with you via phone, email, and skype.

  • Oceana will meet with you when you arrive in Byron and complete all legal paperwork and hold a rehearsal of your ceremony.

  • Oceana will lodge all legal paperwork.

For help with all accommodation options in Byron Bay, Oceana highly recommends you contact Byron’s Largest Accommodation Service phone (02) 66 808 666 or

How can Oceana help you with a Byron Bay wedding?

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Authorised Marriage Celebrant: Byron Bay

Oceana Valentine


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