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Baby Naming

Why have a naming ceremony?

Celebrating the birth or adoption of your child.

 A meaningful and joyful expression of WELCOME

Naming ceremonies are such a delightful celebration to express joy, hope and recognition. They provide an ideal occasion to officially welcome your child into a caring group of family and friends

When do you have a naming ceremony?

Naming ceremonies can be held for babies or older children. The time is an individual choice, they can be held when the baby is a few months old, on their first birthday or a few years old. It is really up to you

What is a naming ceremony?

This is a ceremony of celebration and welcome.  They are a special occasion to focus on your child and the special people in the child life who will care and nourish this child. It's also nice to explain why you have chosen your child's name and what it means to you.

What will Oceana do?

Oceana will come and meet with you. After the initial meeting, she will be available by phone, email and skype. Discuss all details of how you wold like this ceremony to be. She will give you lots of creative ideas for you to choose from to ensure this is a very special day.  Ideas for Poems and Readings to choose from.

Why choose Oceana?

Oceana is professional, inspiring, relaxed and has an easy going manner.  Oceana will support and co-create a beautiful meaningful ceremony in any way that you want. It can be fun and interactive for guests who could release balloons, sign a book with wishes for the child, help make an artwork for the child or light candles. Or you can make it calm and spiritual and stick to traditional poems or readings, perhaps with some music in the background. Oceana will send you an abundance of creative ideas to choose from.

Who is included in the Naming Ceremony?

The parents may want to choose special people to be part of the ceremony.  Naming ceremonies can include parents, godparents, grandparents, family members and family friends. It is a lovely time to say a few words at the ceremony as to why they have been chosen and what role is hoped they will play in the child's life.  Most often, parents will state their love and commitment to their child and declare hopes for their future.

Grandparents ~ Special recognition is given to the grandparents, acknowledging the important role they will play in the development of the child.

Godparents ~ this is a precious role. They can be chosen from within the family or circle of friends. Godparents are looked upon as trustworthy role models, who will have the best interests of the child and your family at heart.

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