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About Oceana Valentine

Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Over the last two decades Oceana has touched thousands of lives in her precious & meaningful ceremonies,  heart opening retreats and inspiring sessions.


Throughout her career, Oceana has come to realise that she has been blessed with a natural gift to see clearly what will deeply touch and transform others. She has woven those gifts to create heartfelt and meaningful wedding ceremonies.

Oceana is a highly experienced and popular Marriage Celebrant.  Oceana is a well-known and respected keynote speaker, author and much loved facilitator.

Inspiring and professional

Oceana is a unique, helpful and relaxed Wedding Celebrant

Oceana is a catalyst in co- creating profoundly tender and beautiful rituals to celebrate love in a way that is memorable and meaningful. 

She  assists each couple by co-designing authentic wedding ceremonies that are spiritual,  heartfelt, unique and personalised.


Wedding guests are delighted with the freshness of Oceana’s wedding ceremonies.The appeal is universal when meaningful ceremonies take place.

Oceana helps the wedding couple relax

It takes courage to stand in front of your family and friends. Oceana relaxes each couple and their guests by being light-hearted and focusing on celebrating a joyful beginning and have that joy renew the heart and spirits of all the wedding guests.

Drawing upon over twenty years of experience with creating rituals and ceremony, being a wedding celebrant is a joyful privilege.

Well known public figure

Oceana has presented educational seminars in USA, New Zealand, and extensively around Australia for the last 20 years.  She has written articles for every major health and wellbeing magazine in Australia.


  She has appeared in radio interviews on ABC and many others, both in Australia and USA. Oceana has been featured on ABC “Inside Story”, Channel 9’s “Alternatives” and Channel 7’s “Today Tonight Show”.  She is also a highly acclaimed key note speaker at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival

Initial meeting

Vows, Poems, and Readings

Rehearsal of Ceremony

During the initial meeting,  information is exchanged about how you would like to approach your ceremony. This exchange is a combination of your individual views and ideas, together with Oceana's experience, plus  the legal requirements.


Oceana also gathers information about your lives as both individuals and as a couple, especially how you met and what your dreams and goals are. Any information gathered during this exchange is kept in accordance with Marriage Celebrants Code of Practice..


This is a relaxed meeting with Oceana to help create your special and unique wedding ceremony.

During the initial meeting, Oceana coaches couples on how to create vows to exchange, the meaning of the vows, and encourages them to write their own vows. Oceana sends many examples of vows and how they are written. In addition, Oceana guides the couple to consider the meaning of marraige to them and their vision of their relatiohship together. Oceana encourages couples to consider their ceremony, rituals, music, what style and theme will be incorporated, and when music is played.

On the day of the Wedding

It is very important that a rehearsal takes place  prior to the actual wedding.


The purpose of this rehearsal is to ensure that the couple know where to stand, what to say, and when to say it. This is is also a great opportunity to settle any nerves.

Oceana will arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to ceremony starting.  She will set up the PA system and connect with the musician, photogrpher, groom, and all necessary people involved in the ceremony. 

What does Oceana do?

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